Friday, 7 October 2011



For 7 years, i was living with the man that i truly love. I am going to share a bit story about us=) When i was a kid, Im studying at LASC (little angel study center) on my 3rd grade there was a guy who caught my attention, he was raised in dubai and transferred for a while in my alma matter, we are on the same level and same adviser as well=), he was at the morning session and i was on the noon classes. Everytime classes in the morning was about to end there's a senario that noon class was able to line-up b4 heading into their respective classrooms. Good thing that i always got into the 1st line so i was able to look over him (HAHAH) i never thought that DESTINY is a FACT=) My mom & his aunt was working in a same company, we seen & introduce to each other whenever they have work gatherings (there's a spark (KILIG FACTOR) feeling). His name is "MARC LAWRENCE ARANZANSO"

Funny things to remember that everytime we see each other in school, we always break our necks! (snobish effect) & everytime there's a gatherings they always tease us=) deep inside there's a joy in my heart but i always decieve them by telling that i dont like him (arte feeling), time comes that he is about to go back to dubai to finish his 4,5,6,1st & 2nd year, as years passes by he rouse like a sun, he again transferred at my school (COLUMBAN COLLEGE), on our 3rd year level=) and YES DESTINY meet us again and this time without any snobbing effect, a sweet smile bursted on our face=), actually my feelings for him never change (he's still my crush) WOW!

He is currently employed at HBK HOLDINGS as a COMPUTER ENGINEER in DOHA QATAR

We started as textmates (ahaha) what a clever moves and days passes by, he then quickly courted me (ahaha) he was creep by defeating of someone=) (honestly they were 3 trying to win my heart=) im not boasting it but im happy to share on how he works out for it) His patience, industry, clever, hardwork and etc. made me decide to say " YES i can be her girlfriend" =).

 Our ocean adventure trip

SEPTEMBER 04, 2004 was the most memorable and unforgettable date i ever had=) as i remember on our first month together as a couple, he surprises me by giving a bunch of balloons and a butterfly thing=) and as months passes by he never let me cry nor give's headache (ahaha)...Sad part of it came in once again, because he was about to leave again to finish his 4th year level in dubai.. and for a while, months passes by and his parents decided to bring them back hir in the Philippines again=) so they went to "AURA SCHOOL" , good thing that the school accepted them even though they were late enrollies... As time goes by we never let trials come between us instead we keep our faith much stronger (were really destined ahah).

Preferring to our shades ahahaha

COLLEGE LIFE=) this was the time that we need to gain more maturity in terms of deciding what is right and wrong, we decided to take up PN- a 2 years course, it was not my 1st choice but instead my granny's choice (ahaha) funny thing that his grandpa would like him to take medicine course also and that is why we studied at "AMA COLLEGE" together with my bestfriend PAULA=) My heart is full of joy because of the reasons that were still together at that time & we are together heading a new path in our lives!

                                                             AMA Days with friends



I am really lucky to have him by my side=) he has many endearing characteristics that is why i really love him=) this confidence that i have in me now is all because of him=) he always help me to overcome my fear and in reaching out everyting, i owe him a lot=) without him ill never turn into a strong and positively minded person, he thought me the principles that a parent could give=), he thought me on how beautiful life is, he thought me to be a better person=) that is why i idolizes him so much, he was an ideal guy of a girl, he is a precious gift from god thats why no matter what happens and no matter the distance is, I will be keeping him for a lifetime=)

Before i used to call him MINE, HONEY, BABE, BABY and MAHAL but now i prefer to call him BES because he is really the BEST=) He can be my kuya, brother, friend, a buddy, a mentor, my "BESTFRIEND" & my "BEST LOVER".

Even so, weve come this far & now were facing a new trial in our path, we must settled in our minds that every trial nor failure in life there's always one word behind it which is the "CHANCE". We should drove away 1st all the grief's, repentant in all aspects, dismayed, greediness, close mindednes & etc. So that we can have a better chance to face a new path together=) Have faith in GOD=) he has a purpose of giving us such trials in life, remember fairytales always ends up with HAPPINESS, FORGIVENESS & ACCEPTANCE=).

by: BES 04