Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Newly Sprouted Blogger!

Im a new blogger! Honestly i dunno how and where should my blog get started.
Its actually my first time to write everyting in social site such as "BLOGGER". I decided to have mine coz im inspired by "chezkania villanueva's blogs", I have read all her blogs and i find it interesting! (am a fan of her).

I want to share all of my experiences but i have some hesitations- cause of some "CREEPY FEELINGS" like :
  • creep to those people who doesnt understand wat am prefering
  • creep to people who couldnt appreciate my blog
  • creep to people who doesnt understand the way i speak
  • im too much creepin ( LOLS ) but im just getting started "HOPE eveyone understand that im not a JOURNALIST or what so ever.

APRIL DAWN GLORIA - " PEY " for short, derived from the word "apeng & apey".         

I am 21, born on july 8, living in Olongapo City, light in color, have a chocolate brown curly hair ( now it was straight and long - thanks rebonding LOLS ), have a brown eyes ( as everyone have ), a 5' flat inch in height ( wishing till now to reach atleats 5'5 in height LOLS ).

  • I am currently a MODEL at JM agency and an elementary tutor as well.
  • I LOVE MUSIC - everytime im in the stage of "STRESS" i just listen to music to help me relief my anxiety.
  • I LOVE FASHION - love to mix and match outfits even if its old: i always find a way to look it new and better!

 I love MAKE UPS - this is my way to hide my pimple marks and those little craters. Actually makeup is the reason why i have this even i wash it thoroughly, sad thing, it always end up to 
this, I guess my skin is much irritated wearing makeups but i cant give it up cause dis my life=)



I  also love "CAPTURING"- i enjoy capturing every single moments!!! really love it.

Those are may sample pix to share=) this my short "biography"=) am really lukin 4ward to my nxt blog=) hope everyone enjoy reading my blog most of the time=) i would like to say thank you to my inspiration=) ahahah..until nxt time=)

by: me as a blogger!


  1. hi kapatid! welcome sa blogosphere! hehe
    so pretty naman ng pic sa first post..madami magfofollow niyan hehe.. =) i-follow na kita..


  2. hi kapatid..eheheh now ko lng nabasa...uo nga eh makikiblog na rin ako..ahahamakikigaya..ehehheh