Thursday, 6 October 2011


Im a frustrated artist=) I really cant draw & paint as well tho i loved to make simple kiddie crafts =) but the most that i can do well is to paint by means of "BEAUTIFICATION ONTO FACE" lets simply say that my materials on paints and my army on everyday used is the "MAKE-UPS"- (SANSAN,MAYBELLINE & EVER BILENA) is my trusted brands ever since!

LIQUID FOUNDATION- My 1st thing to apply onto my face -help to hide those icky, thingy, popy (hormones) & little craters=)

Left side - sansan#3 L.F (tan effect) i used it for night life
Right side - sansan#2L.F(light effect) i used it for mornin life

CAKE FOUNDATION - My 2nd thing to apply - help to cover those stubborn marks and smoothen's the face- (for finishing)

Left corner- sansan#1 2way cake foundation"AGE DEFENSE"has vit. A,C,E and SPF15- used it foR night life accompanied by L.F #3.
Middle- maybelline clear smooth extra shine powder foundation- my everyday use!
Right corner- sansan#2 2way cake foundation has vit. A,C,E & SPF 15- used it for mornin life accompanied by L.F#2.
EYESHADOWS- Is my 3rd thing to apply- am wearing those colors to add a little drama and a casual look effect; it was so handy & convenient=)

LEFT SIDE- maybelline expert wear eyeshadow (VELVET CRUSH) has 4 divisions:

                  UPPER LEFT- is for the LID
                  UPPER RIGHT- is for the crease
                  LOWER LEFT- is for the brow bone
                  LOWER RIGHT-is for the outer corner " used this for mornin-fresh look effects=) "

RIGHT SIDE- maybelline expert wear eyeshadow(SEASHORE FROSTS)has 4 divisions:

                  UPPER LEFT- is for the LID
                  UPPER RIGHT- is for the crease
                  LOWER LEFT- is for the brow bone
                  LOWER RIGHT-is for the outer corner " used for night- matured look effects=) "
EYELINER'S/ MASCARA- Is my 4th to apply-used this liner even without shadow's (for quick & dither times) it is suitable for all occassions & easy to wear. since HS i always wear this=)
Upper case- ever bilena pro-eye color (2 way black mascara and black liquid liner)- helps to broader the eyes
Middle- ever bilena white pencil liner-for more fresher look (as my handler said)
Lower case- ever bilena brown pencil liner-i used it for my eyebrow=) (most of the time i use it,so i sharpen it the most thats why its short)
BLUSH-ON - is my 5th to apply- for rossy chicks effect (i love blushes- thats is why my blush looks like dat i use it all most of the time)
Left corner- careline-oil control (CHARMING PINK)has vit.E-used for daily
Middle- sansan blush#1 AGE DEFENSE with SPF15,vit. A,C,E-used for night life
Right corner- careline-oil control (PINKISH BLUSH)has vit.E-used for mornin life
LIPPIES=)- Is my last thing to apply, those lippies are my life, i cant live without them.
Upper center- revlon lippie mint (violet)
Left upper- EB lippie (im yours)
Right upper- EB lippie (pink goddes)
Left lower- maybeline lippie (summer sunset)
Right lower- sansan lippie creamy matte (really red)
Lower left- kiddie lippie (rosy red)
Lower right- EB lippie (pinkish pink)

I can forget everything but this stuff! na aaahh!!! ohhh i really love lippies=)


i captured those stuff coz i want all of u to know my other side=) and wat i always have inside my bag=) sad thing that my MAC LIPPIE (PINK NOUVEAU) was lost=( ill purchase another mac! PROMISE=)


by: face painter=)


  1. nawala mo yung Mac lipstick? sayang naman..


  2. share ko sayo yung blog award kapatid..check mo sa post ko..=)


  3. uo kapatid nawala sa manila..ahahaha..kashingahan lumabas ee..eheheh ang mahal pa namn ng lipstisk..inis....